Hello! I'm Kristie, and my art is a dedication to those who have a deep appreciation for the joy of summer.

The inspiration for my art comes from the Australian East Coast and it's enchanting, sun-drenched days spent by the ocean. I've lived in the Northern Rivers all my life, and feel blessed to be raising my own children in this enchanting region.

Painting is my place of peace and clarity. It's where I feel most alive and connected. I hope my art bring this same positive energy, joy, and gratitude to the viewer.

Having worked as a professional photographer for over 13 years, I have gained an appreciation for the subtle nuances of changing light, colour, and the small imperfect moments that make life beautiful.

With each piece I create, my intention is to infuse it with a warmth that resembles the feeling of connecting with family or old friends, sharing stories, and basking in the glorious summer sun.


❁ ♥︎ ⋒